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Top reasons why casino players love dragon & vampire themed slots


While scary monsters like dragons are representing evil in the western world (especially in chivalric or in the Christian traditions), the eastern world attributes supernatural power, wisdom, strength, and hidden knowledge to them. Perhaps a telling example is the character Godzilla, who recently clashed against King Kong in a blockbuster movie, by also manifesting some sort of hidden knowledge and transcendental force. Even the name of the most renowned vampires ‘Dracula’ (Vlad the Impaler, the prince of Walachia, now in Romania) came from the word ‘dracul’ since the prince was a member of the monarchical chivalric order, entitled as the Order of the Dragon.

Number One Wisdom of Sustained Gamblers

Outstanding gamblers do also have some wisdom obtained through learning-by-doing when going through the ups and downs of dragon or vampire themed slot games. The number one wisdom is to be a responsible gambler, only this way one can become a gambler in the longer run. It is based on the hidden knowledge saying that the risk can be too great during the game, and, as such, even hunting for bonuses and progressive jackpots on slots should be treated as a game of pure chance, not any skill (real vampire bats – eating blood – are sought to be one of the most altruistic species in Earth, i.e., they are to take care of each other in the interest of long-term existence).

Dragon and Vampire-themed Slots

In an effort to give you a scent of the dragon and vampire-themed slot games, we present the three best-suited and well-designed ones in this category. These slots are very popular even on the East, because vampire figures are also known in other cultures, for example in the Philippines or in China.

Vampires video slot

This game captures the vampire theme impressively. In the background you can see the blue midnight sky over a dark and lush forest. The trees look old and dry, while the gargoyles look almost alive and guard the stone rollers. The gargoyles are detailed and you can see all the details of the wings and claws. The blood drips from the letter ’A’ of the game’s logo and reminds you which creatures are at home here.

Vampires is a 5-reel slot with five paylines and lots of action. As soon as you win, eerily beautiful animations are played, for example a bat shadow that flies over the reels. As for the symbols, among other things you will find vampires, a drinking cup, a castle and a dagger. The card symbols 10, J, Q, K and A have been given a very special font and are multi-faceted.

As soon as more than two wilds land on the reels, you will be notified of this with a unique sound effect. Because here the game, represented by a young vampire, is also the scatter. When you have earned three teen vampires on the field, the free spins round starts with 15 free spins.

If you desire an even more streamlined and fantastically adopted vampire-themed slot game, just give a mere look at the next one.

Vampire Desire online slot

Vapire Desire is a really innovative game designed with lots of features and ways to win. The whole slot is located on the wall of an old castle. It is night and two flickering candles illuminate the scene in a gruesome way.

The 5 rollers are positioned in the center. The lower half is free and you can start playing right away, but already on the first round you will notice that the upper half of the playing field is blocked by a rusty steel gate. You can unlock this later in the game and double your chances of winning, as the number of win lines increases from 50 to a whopping 100 (impressive, isn’t it?)!

The symbols have also been nicely adapted to the theme and the 4 playing card symbols, monsters, skulls, small castles and red roses are still awaiting you. The latter is the most coveted symbol and can give you 5 times your stake in a lucky combination of 5. One of its most interesting features is the vamp-it-up feature. This feature can only be played when playing with a stake of €2 or more. You then have the option to buy this feature. In addition, every win over 2.5 times your stake triggers this feature. Then you can spin the wheel attached to the top right of the reels.

Dragons Luck slot

Dragon is an essential symbol in the Chinese mythology and this exciting Dragons Luck Red Tiger Gaming Slot puts them in the forefront. Two stone dragons guard the reels of the Dragons Luck online slot and support the player in searching for money. The two guardian dragons that flank the side of the reels are your greatest fundraiser. The two monsters randomly shoot their lucky fire on the reels, transforming the low-paying symbols into better ones. In short: they help you to constantly improve your payout rate.

This 10-paylines slot is based on five reels with three symbols each. Like most Red Tiger Gaming slot machines, Dragons Luck includes a number of great gaming features. The game takes you to the lofty heights of the mountains of China, in which no borders can be felt.

Not only is the slot perfectly designed, it also offers some fiery payouts. Although this slot machine does not contain a bonus game or free spins, this is exactly the point that distinguishes this slot from other ordinary slot machines.

Again, build your wisdom through these games. Let your inner dragon fly.

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